fall menu / north market

(items can change due to local and seasonal availability)


(A selection available daily)

scoop 4.00 each / four scoops 15.00

Beet Orange Zest. Thyme. Caramelized Shallot Vinaigrette. v gf

Buttercup Squash Mustard Greens. Quinoa. Pumpkin Seed. Fall Vinaigrette. v gf

Kale Brussels Sprout. Dried Cherry. Candied Pecan. Blue Cheese Vinaigrette. gf 

Signature Green Lettuces. Carrot. Radish. Chickpea. Bulgur. Dried Cranberry. Feta. Citrus Vinaigrette.

Cauliflower Candy Onion. Tomato Couscous. Castelvetrano Olive. Pine Nut. Pecorino. Aleppo Pepper. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Delicata Squash Fall Spice Blend. Pomegranate Seed. Mint. Crimson & Green Lentil. Citrus Sumac Vinaigrette. v gf

farm egg classics

add vegetable scoops 3.75 each

Mushroom Quiche Shallot. Gruyère. Classic Crust. 8.50

Spaghetti Squash Frittata Tomato. Asiago. Basil. Thyme. Oregano. 8.25


Beet & Avocado Pickled Red Onion. Mixed Greens. Chive Chevre. Ciabatta Roll. 9.75


Apple Chevre. Pecan. Thyme. Honey. Ciabatta. 7.50

entrée salads

Signature Green Lettuces. Carrot. Radish. Bulgur. Chickpea. Dried Cranberry. Feta. Citrus Vinaigrette. 12.00


Tomato-Fennel Soup Fennel Chip. Herb Oil.  gf v 6.25

Black Bean Chili Scallion. Cheddar. gf  6.25


Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuit Whipped Honey Butter. 2.00


The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie 2.00

Oat Cookie 2.50

Classic Coffee Cake with Pecan Crumble 4.00

Maple Pecan Granola 3.00/9.50

vegetables to go

Our vegetable scoops are available in take-home deli containers:

8 oz 6.00 / 16 oz 12.00 / 32 oz 24.00