what’s in season for spring into summer?

Arugula and Mizuna
These specialty greens from Folsom and Pine and Rainfresh Harvest are the perfect addition to our Asparagus sandwich. The arugula adds a peppery bite while the Mizuna brings a mild sweetness. We love the way they balance each other.

Our is cut and delivered within 24 hours. It’s so fresh-from-the-farm sweet and tender that you won’t get a woody stem around here. Featured on our Spring sandwich it pairs beautifully with boiled egg, bright tarragon aioli, and lemon dressed greens. Our asparagus sandwich is really something special.

These bright orange, organic beauties are all over our menu. You’ll find them in our breakfast cookie, shredded carrot salad with cilantro, tahini dressing, and sesame seeds, an ingredient in out French lentil salad, as well as a topping for our crostini. Turkish Carrot yogurt with walnuts, olive oil, and flaked sea salt makes a delightful springtime topping for our Italian ciabatta bread.

Garlic Scapes
By late spring, hardneck garlic sends a central green flower stalk out of the ground, looking for sun to send to the roots that are maturing below. As soon as these pointy-tipped, curly shoots known as garlic scapes are trimmed we buy as many as we can get. We use scapes, prized for their subtle garlic flavor, to make pesto or chop them finely to add to our farm egg dishes.

So many beautiful lettuces come through our kitchen. Different in shape, texture, and color we go through a ton of it with our mixed green salad. There aren’t many things more refreshing than a crisp lettuce salad on a warm Spring day.

Pristinely grown and washed, our mint comes from Rainfresh Harvest who uses all green energy and growing practices. We use the mint in our asparagus quinoa salad as well as for bright pesto’s and garnishes.

Mushroom Harvest supplies us with the most beautiful varieties for our quiche. Oyster, Cremini, and Shiitake all melt together with farm fresh eggs and Laurel Valley Gruyere cheese in our perfectly flaky crust. Come early to try this egg dish—it sells out every day.

Ranging in size, shape, and color, Ohio grows some special radish varieties, and we feature any and all like Easter egg and French radishes as soon as they become available. Radishes make bright appearances topping our ramp pesto crostini, in our mixed green salad, shaved in our French Lentil salad and anywhere else their spicy crunch fits into the mix.

The ultimate harbinger of Spring, these wild leeks have a pungent garlic flavor that we turn into the most addictive pesto. Ramps are foraged from the woods all over Ohio and they arrive as one of the first vegetables of the season, only to be harvested for a few short weeks. Pickled, roasted, blanched, or sautéed, any way you cook them they’re sure to make an impression.

The redder the stalk, the sweeter the rhubarb! A classic combination, we love to pair rhubarb with strawberry and lime in our sweet and tangy crumble, served whenever we can get our hands on those bright red stalks.

Bursting with Vitamins A and K, spinach is a tasty green thats easy to incorporate into your daily cooking. Melted into egg dishes and soups, or eaten raw paired with salad toppings it’s a versatile super food. We love the spinach paired with thinly shaved local, tart apples, pickled onions, boiled egg, toasted almonds, and a honey balsamic dressing.

The sweetest, juiciest berries from Rhoads Farm are a real treat. Sliced in salads, featured on crostini with ricotta and honey, cooked into jams, and baked into crumbles, these ruby red berries are picked at their prime to ensure the best flavor.

Swiss Chard
We just can’t get enough of the rainbow stems on these dark green leaves. A feature dish that comes and goes as local chard is available, our Swiss chard crostata highlights both the leafy greens and the stems, sautéed together with ricotta and herbs and baked in a rustic fennel seed crust.

Summer squash begins to appear just as summer begins, and it can be used in so many ways, we love to play with all the variations. We dice and quickly roast it for a quinoa salad, we shred it into long strands and dress it like a pasta dish topped with fresh parmesan, we sauté it with eggplant, peppers, and onions, in a ratatouille style frittata. We also use the blossoms, on crostini, in salads, or stuffed with ricotta and herbs then quickly fried till crispy.