welcome to a new kind of grocery experience.

Buy the season’s best produce.
Little Eater Produce and Provisions is your source for pristine produce. We sell seasonal, local vegetables and fruits from our favorite farmers. You will also find a few of those staples (like avocados) that you depend on too.

Support local farmers.
Our featured produce is sourced from farms right here in Ohio. (We’re very picky.) You can trust that everything you buy at Little Eater will be the best available.

Get the basics—and the not-so-basics.
Pick up pantry staples and house-made sauces, stocks, salsa, spreads and soups, as well as the best artisanal food products from Ohio and beyond.

Learn how to put it all together.
We’ll be here to talk with you about all our vegetables, and to demonstrate the best ways to use and prepare them. Our aim is to make cooking vegetables easier and eating them even more delicious. And, of course, we’re always on stand by to help you figure out what to make for dinner.

When you make a purchase at Produce & Provisions, our validation sticker will give you 1 hour of free parking in the North Market lot to make your shopping trip quick and easy.