frequently asked questions.

What’s with the name Little Eater?

Little Eater is the loose translation of Chef and founder Cara Mangini’s last name in Italian. Our style of service and approach to food are all about giving you choices to experience each season at every moment as it unfolds. You can always get “a little of this and a little of that.” When you eat with us, you’re a little eater—no matter how much you eat.

Are any of your salads or other menu items gluten-free?

We are not a completely gluten-free kitchen, but we maintain an assortment of sweet and savory gluten-free items. Ask one of our servers and they will gladly point out which items are gluten-free. And if you were curious, our granola is made with gluten-free oats.

Are any of your salads or other menu items vegan?

We always keep a mix of vegan items on our menu. When in doubt, ask a server. Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications to items to order. If we can, we’ll make changes for you. Unfortunately, it is a little tricky to change pre-made items.

Do you offer breakfast items?

We offer an assortment of breakfast items — including our breakfast cookie (made daily), granola and yogurt bowls, toast with produce-inspired toppings, and quiche and frittata. We always have packaged Little Eater granola available to take home.

What is so special about your granola?

It’s what we’d make for our families at home, and includes not only tons of love, but also organic gluten-free oats, organic sulphur-free coconut, organic raisins, organic pecans, local maple syrup, organic oil, and lots of organic and fair-trade vanilla. It contains no refined sugar at all. Our granola is perfect for snacking on all day (believe us—that’s what we do).

Is your packaging compostable or recyclable?

The brown, pulp trays and lids used at the restaurants are compostable.

Our napkins are made from recycled material and are compostable.

Our disposable forks, knives and spoons are made of recycled material and are recyclable.

Our packaged salad containers and lids are made from recycled material, are BPA free and are recyclable. We suggest reusing them as much as possible at home. They make great containers for leftovers and are dishwasher safe.

Do you use sugar in your cooking?

We do use sugar in the obvious (dessert items), but even so, we try to use as many natural sweeteners as possible or at least keep some sweet options that are free of refined sugars.

As for salad dressings, local maple syrup and honey are our sweeteners of choice. Always feel free to ask, but it is rare to find white sugar in our savory menu items.

What kind of bread do you use?

We use freshly made ciabatta from Matija Breads, a local artisan baker as well as a variety of breads from Dan the Baker, both based here in Columbus.

I don’t live in Columbus, Ohio, how can I experience Little Eater and get my hands on your products?

Follow us on instagram and sign up for our e-mailing list to receive recipes, vegetable tips and techniques. We share ideas each season and try to encourage you to cook with vegetables at home. We’ll also let you know as soon as we start selling granola, and some of our other grocery items online. Also, you can purchase The Vegetable Butcher by our founder Cara Mangini to prepare produce-inspired cuisine at home. And if you’re ever in Columbus, stop by and see us at the historic North Market or our Clintonville restaurant.

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely! Both the Little Eater restaurants sell gift cards. You can purchase them in both of our shops or over the phone.

I am interested in carrying your salads. Who can I speak to about wholesale products?

Please call us at 614-670-4375 or email us at

I’d love to share some feedback about my meal and service. Do you care and who wants to know?

Yes! We all want to know and we always want your feedback. Please feel free to speak with anyone on our team or call us at 614-670-4375 and ask to speak with our general manager.

Is your restaurant kid friendly?

Yes! We’ve made our Clintonville location family friendly with high chairs, a baby changing station in one of our bathrooms, and our staff is more than happy to recommend kid favorites on our menu as well as kids-only toasts. Our North Market shop is also a great place to bring the whole family.

Do you offer any delivery services?

Not at this time.

Do you compost?

We are proud to compost food waste in our kitchen and are working on a program to accept compost in our dining room at our Clintonville location.

How are the two locations different?

Our North Market eatery offers a fast and convenient option with quick counter service and general seating provided by the market. All of the food is for take away. Our Clintonville restaurant offers an elevated counter service experience combined with a comfortable dining room and seating so you can take food home or enjoy it in our space.

My favorite menu item is gone! Will it come back?

We think there is great joy in anticipating the seasons and celebrating ingredients as they come into their prime. As ingredients come and go through each season, we take pride in our menu reflecting those changes. We know it’s tough to say goodbye to your winter favorites but most likely the item will be back next season and we hope a new spring item will make you fall in love all over again.


What kind of provisions do you sell at your Clintonville location?

We’ve curated a special selection of our favorite specialty food products from our community and beyond to share with you including the coffee and tea we serve in the restaurant. We also offer a small selection of the seasons best produce from our farm partners when available.

Can you reserve seating at your Clintonville location?

At this time we do not take reservations and you may choose a table as you wish.

Can you accommodate large groups?

We do have tables that will seat 6-7 and a community farm table that seats up to 10.

What kind of coffee and tea do you serve at your Clintonville location?

We are proud to partner with Mission Coffee, a Columbus-based company that carefully sources and roasts coffee beans to bring out the best flavor qualities each season. Our house coffee will change periodically due to the seasonality of coffee bean varieties. Learn more about Mission Coffee Co. at

We are also thrilled to partner with Smith Tea, a Portland, Oregon based company that purchases its tea leaves, flowers, barks and roots from sustainable farms that nurture the plants and soil. Although not certified organic, their growers follow the most stringent practices to minimize pesticides and residues. Their teas are hand blended and bagged to order and we think you can taste the difference. We are serving Mao Feng Shui green tea, Lord Bergamot black tea, Kandy Ceylon tea, Red Nectar rooibos tea, and Peppermint herbal tea. Learn more about them at

What are your hours and days?

During an initial launch phase, our Clintonville location is open Wednesday through Sunday from 4pm to 9pm. We will expand hours and days of service to include lunch and breakfast in the coming months.

Do you serve beer and wine?

We are on the ballot this November and would appreciate your vote and support to turn our location from “dry” to “wet” so that we can serve beer and wine in 2018.